Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lovin' the Music!

Nope, never seen a show, (Well, the last half of the finale) ((and I would LOVE to)) But I am LOVIN' the music! I have some of the songs on my playlist.      
Favorite songs:                    
4 Minutes                       
Taking Chances                
Somebody to Love               
Rose's Turn                   
Poker Face                    
Hate On Me                    
Halo/Walking on Sunshine     
Defying Gravity (Chris Colfer Solo or Duet)                 
Bohemian Rhapsody          
Like a Prayer               

  Favorite Singing Voice: 
      This Kid. Chris Colfer. (Kurt) SUCH an amazing voice.  
Of those Favorite songs he sings in: 4 Minutes, Rose's Turn, Defying Gravity (Chris Colfer Solo and Duet) Like a Prayer. 
He has such a unique voice.

What TALENT.                                           


Treble Clef ♪ said...

I love the GLEE music. The arrangements are awesome. Yes, Chris has an amazing voice. Beautiful quality and lots of passion.

Caitlyn said...

I love Glee! And Kurt is one of my favorite characters :)