Friday, November 26, 2010


    Well, it's here. It crept around the corner and without really telling anybody, it butted it's way into my life. That's right. WINTER is finally here. I feel gypped of fall! It seemed to me, that as soon as the leaves changed to their reds, oranges and yellows, a layer of frost decided to join the mix.
     It's not that I hate winter. I LOVE the holidays, and the good feelings that come with it. I love looking at the snow and curling up in a blanket (or snuggie) with a cup of hot cocoa. But for some reason, I couldn't figure out why I still have this itty-bitty feeling of contempt for "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year". I have finally narrowed down the cause.
I hate the cold.
Living in Utah, wintertime means that I'm cold all the time! My feet are always freezing and my room decides to adopt Antarctica's climate. If snow was warm, that would be awesome. If it didn't constantly feel like it was below freezing, I could deal. But it's not, and life goes on. Oh well. One day, I'm going to move someplace warm. Preferably California. Or Hawaii. Or Florida. You know what? Maybe my heating bill will just be sky high. . .and worth it. However, the one good thing about the cold? It keeps the spiders away.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Returns

Loved it! Best yet! However, I returned with an entire page full of things that were different from the book. Some good, most bad. It rocked though. GREAT acting. Special Bravo to Emma Watson at Malfoy Manor. LOVED IT!
Speaking of Harry Potter (skip ad). . .