Monday, June 13, 2011

The Things I Learn From Ice Cream

After a trip to Dairy Queen (at 11:00 at night), this is a conversation I had with my friend after she tried my ice cream and loved it more than her own. (She always gets the same kind.)

Her- "Wow. I never realized that there could possibly be something better than the Heath shake. This is like a whole new world!"

Me- "You have to explore your options! You should never get the same kind!"

Her- "Well, I know now! I have to try new flavors. . .how did I not know this? It seems like there is always something better as soon as you think you've found the right flavor!"

Me- "Kind of like boys huh?"

Her- "YEAH!!!! EXACTLY! This is like a life lesson! Explore your options and don't stick with one type of boy until you do!"

Me- "This is a deep conversation"

Her- "Yeah it is."

 Who knew? :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Will!!

Ok, so his birthday was actually a week ago, but we celebrated it today with the entire family. . .so I felt like blogging today. Happy Birthday! I gave him my present today and he seemed pretty excited (not sure why, I sure wouldn't be. In my metals class, I made him a metal. . . .kitch. Is that the word? Oh well, something useless. :) He now has his name written out in metal. (Sorry I don't have a picture. . .)

Me and Will at our cousin Jacob's Baptism.