Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy HAILoween

Oh, Utah. The Bi-polar State
Immediately after this, the sun shone, and a rainbow appeared!

Some Trick or Treaters had to take refuge in our house for a while. . . it was coming down hard. 
As the Penguins of Madagascar say: "Well this sucks."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Culture Night Video!

 So, my Stake had a "Culture Night". Each ward had to make a "Mormon Ad" video having to do with the theme "Be Strong and of Good Courage". We won best special effects. Wow. Here's what our ward came up with:

Starring: Austin
Person in "Closet": Kirk
Guest Starring: My Dad :)
Extras who don't matter much: Marites, Dan, Jocelyn, Elijah, Bethany, Bria, Jessica, Katie, Mickey, Josh, Andelin, Sabrina, Kristen, Miranda, Alex, Matthew, Jacob, Hope, Bryce, and Myself!
Edited by: Moi. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

I Wanna be Famous, Wanna be a STAR. . .

So guess what just came back from? I just spent the last 3 1/2 hours filming a Seven Peaks Waterpark commercial! I got a text from my friend whose dad was helping out with the filming. So, a group of us got together at Seven Peaks and they gave us free Dip'n'dots.(Which I found out I don't like that much) I had to leave before they did the headshots of people going down the slides, but you probably still can see me going up and down the big tower. It's a commercial for a new slide, but I'm not allowed to say anything more. . . sorry. Look for me when you see it on T.V. I'm in a red and blue Lava Lava, or my black and white swim suit. So FUN!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

You may think it's dorky. . .

So, my school is starting a Glee Club. No, it's not a "Glee" fan club. It's an actual show choir! It will actually compete, be in assemblies, and have service projects. Now, you may think it's dorky, but I am UBER excited!
           During club week (last week), they had a sign up sheet for all those that wanted to be in it. There was no audition whatsoever, because hey, it's just a dumb ol' Glee Club, and no one will sign up. WRONG. there were 160 people that signed up for it. That is more than 1/10 of my ENTIRE school.
           So, change of plans! There is now an audition. (I was actually hoping for that instead.) Call me crazy, but I love the thrill of competition! So, wish me luck next week at he auditions. They want only 50-60 people, and even  THAT is pushing it.