Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two more Poems

Last two. Then my class moved on to Short Stories. (Which are to come later)

For this first Poem, we were only allowed 6 lines to express what was needed. 

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

Hanging high above the rest of the world,
It taunts me with its glimmering light.
“Trust me,” it promises on the whispering wind.

I have nothing to gain from the childish thought,
But I have nowhere else to turn and my desperation betrays me.
Can I relinquish my hope to a diamond that may already be dead?

The prompt for this second poem was "Where do you go to be alone?"
Fortress of Solitude

This is a reckless climb.
I’m aware.
It beckons to me from my world of pain and mistrust.
The box of guilt pressures in on all sides,
But it lessens as I climb.

Beneath my feet is hope.
It soars upwards as I trudge onward.
I’m feeling the earth as God intended.
This mountain makes the heartache vanish slowly,
And disappear for a short time.

This is a reckless climb.
But I don’t care.
It coerces me to trip and to stumble and to fall.
My mind is set on what I need, just up ahead.
A place for me.  Just for me.

Ragged, short of breath, and entirely spent.
But the climb has been made.
The edge of a steep cliff faces the valley with a welcoming sight.
This place is for me.
Overlooking the vast city,
Which now looks insignificant.

Closing my eyes, feeling the breeze and listening to nothing.
The voices in my head fade away.
It was a reckless climb.
But it was worth it.