Monday, July 23, 2012

Short Story

My mother and I, are writing some pretty awesome things every week. Last week, we each wrote a short story. So, without further ado, here is mine.

It was an ordinary house. Nothing too bright, nothing too fancy. Running around the yard was an ordinary picket fence that had been white, at one time. Leading up to the ordinary door was an ordinary cement pathway that hadn't been swept in a long time.

Derek paused and thought. He leaned back in his chair slightly, and rubbed his eyes. It was so. . . BORING. He mentally banged his head against the keyboard a few times, knowing that it would look strange in the middle of a café. In HIS opinion, there was nothing worse than writers block. Derek stared at the blandly composed words he had just written on the screen of his laptop. Nothing. He just didn't know where to go with that. He wracked his brain for something interesting to write about. His eyes wandered as they subconsciously searched for inspiration.  He spotted an upside down headline from a newspaper half sticking out of a trash bin. He tilted his head slightly in order to read it better.
                           DEAD BODY
He pondered some more.
"Cliché it is, then." he thought to himself. He cracked his knuckles and continued.

BUT, the man who lived there was in now way as ordinary as his house. His life was about to drastically change the next time he set foot into his "ordinary" house.

Derek paused and sipped some coffee.

As the owner of the house  stepped onto the pathway, he couldn't help but  get the chills. There was a strange fog that had ominously covered his yard. The sun darkened. He started to walk faster. He reached the door and wrenched it open, slamming it behind him.  The sight of what awaited him stopped him short. There was a  body of a man lying in the middle of his living room floor.  The head was at an unnatural angle. The man stared at it in shock. He had no idea who this man was.

Derek started to speed up as he typed, getting more and more excited.

He  started to panic, and thought through every possible reason that this body would be in his home. After a few minutes of  shock he started to run for the phone. Before he had taken five steps, the door behind him flew open.
"N-no! You don't understand!"
The man panicked in his bewilderment and reached downward.
A shot rang out-

The laptop died.
Derek froze incomprehensibly, his fingers still hovering above the keyboard.  Frustration boiled inside of him as he slammed the laptop shut. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and cursed under his breath as he left the café.
           He walked the short distance home in a little over ten minutes. By then, he had already accepted the fate of his half-baked story and was moving on to other plotlines. Derek stopped at the gate in front of his house and stared quizzically at his small yard. There was a slight fog covering the grass. An eerie feeling of deja vu settled over him as he looked at his home. He hadn't realized how similar it was to the picture that he had painted is his story. Suddenly the sky darkened. He looked up to see that the sun had gone behind some clouds that hadn't existed a moment before. He walked up to the door quickly, a sense of dread coming over him as he reached for the doornob. Derek knew what awaited him before he even stepped inside. On the floor of his living room, was the body of the man that he had envisioned in his mind while he had been typing. Head askew, eyes wide open, and unmistakably dead, was the impossible.
             "No. No. No!" Derek said to himself as he clutched the laptop to his chest. "How is this POSSIBLE?" 
               What was going to happen next? He had to recall it. He racked his brain. Neck snapping up, he remembered what he had written.
                  "A shot rang out-"Panic consumed him as he realized how this would end.
But he could change it.
         He knew he had written in a few minutes between the discovery of the body, and the arrival of the officer, so he had to hurry. He fumbled with the computer and furiously pounded the power button before realizing it  was out of batteries. He growled in frustration and roughly put the laptop down. He sprinted to his bedroom hoping that the charger would be there. He tore apart his room searching for it. He ripped off the covers on his bed and  there it was. He grabbed it and ran back into the living room, frantically looking for a plug. He jammed the charger into the wall and hooked it up to his computer.
         "Come on, come on." he muttered, urging it to turn on faster.
Black screen.
White screen.
Loading screen.
Main screen.
He opened the file.
The door flew open.
He had to change it.
        "N-no! You don't understand!" he begged and moved his hands towards the keyboard.
        "I SAID FREEZE!"
Derek didn't stop. Desperation overcame sanity.
A shot rang out.
                        The End.