Thursday, September 20, 2012

Creative Writing is Hard. . .

So, I take a Creative Writing class now. Hoo Boy is it challenging. But super fun! The teacher is funny, students are great, and I am the YOUNGEST ONE IN THE CLASS. So many firsts. However, it motivates me to write. So, even though I learned quickly that whatever I write will get torn apart in class (gently but firmly) I will post my writings here.
SO. Week 1. Write an Elizabethan Sonnet. Never have before but here it is.

Killing the Light

How does one confine the restless tide?
And tell him that he should not dare to grow?
Hoping that he’ll never learn to know,
The secret of the beauty that’s inside.

If life deserved to be drugged and denied,
And budding talent forever told “No”,
Would anything, anywhere have a desire to show,
The power they should never have to hide?

You can’t repair what you’ve thrown to the floor.
Nor are you praised if you laugh as it dies.
Good has never been able to thrive in the night.

Never attempt to limit and define the shore,
Or eradicate the sunlight from hopeful eyes.
Mankind will never suffer more than the day you kill the light.

College is great! I absolutely love it here!
P.S. It's true what they say about the R.M.s here. 
Some are marriage crazy.