Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Trip to Missouri Day 1, Part:2

Sorry it took so long! Here is "Day 1, Part 2"

First we went to the log courthouse. It's where Mary Elizabeth Rollins lived with her uncle.

Then we went to the newer courthouse where the mob took Bishop Partridge and tarred and feathered him.

Whenever I have a picture of a plaque, it means that this is where the spot once was, but is now gone. They put a plaque in place of the old printing office where Mary Elizabeth Rollins and her sister Caroline stole the papers of the D & C from the mob and ran and hid in the cornfield.We went to the place where the Gilbert and Whitney store was. . .

And still is!

They have all of this nice furniture and stuff with really crumbly walls. Looks kinda cool actually.

This is where Porter Rockwell was held for 9 months. (Jesse James was also held here!)
Same jail.

Governor Boggs's house.

On our way back home. Half of me, and Meghan

Meghan's nose and mouth, along with Lindsay.

At night. . .

Lindsay Texting at night.
Journaling. . .

The contrast of our body temperatures. . .
Sleeping. . .
Goodnight! End of Day 1. Day 2, Later!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Awesome Trip to Missouri

This is going to be my single longest blog entry of all time. This will be a tour of my trip to Missouri with my Grandparents along with my cousins Meghan and Lindsey. I took about 350 pictures so obviously I won't be able to post them all. I will give a brief narration of what was going on under the picture.

Wow... that sounded formal didn't it? My trip was amazing and I got to see some pretty cool sites so you better pay attention!

This is Meghan and me (Megan and I?) at the Salt Lake City airport on our way to our gate! We were currently on one of those moving sidewalks! I love those. . .

Still in SLC. Lindsey is showing Grandpa something on his phone.

(From back to front)Me Lindsey and Meghan waiting for our plane!

Lindsey showed me the power of her Kindle (by which I am EXTREMELY jealous of!) It is so cool! You can download books and read them anywhere and. . . anyways (sigh)

Salt Lake City just after takeoff. . .

Grandpa Megan Lindsey and Me on one of those shuttles in Kansas City Missouri. . . at about 10:00.

Us in front of our AMAZING rental car. . . a Dodge Charger!!

Grandpa and Grandma trying to figure out how to work the GPS.

Our first stop was the Temple lot where. . .
The sign says is all.

What stone you say?

Not this stone!

This stones! They were the original cornerstone makers for that Temple owned be the Church of Christ. SECT means South East Corner Temple. The other is 40 steps west of that.

This is us with "Apostle Sheldon". He is the oldest apostle in their church. He was funny!

This is the Community of Christ's Temple. (Not to be confused with the Church of Christ) I think that this building was just amazing! You will see many pictures of it!

Another cool picture of it that ought to be in a frame. . .

Ditto. . .

This was in front of their Temple. Pretty cool! Sorry I couldn't get it perfect...

This is a cool thing in their Temple. The Burning Bush. If you think it's on one cloth you're WRONG!

It's on 3 separate ones! Cool huh?

The tree of life. . .

Their main room of worship. And if you look up. . .

The spiral! The tour guide said that you could fit the statue of liberty in there and the torch would still not touch the top! Wow!

They had a whole bunch of flags from around the world in it.

Another cool picture.

They had a little garden outside.

This is what they think Joseph Smith actually looked like! All of the other pictures are guesswork. This one they THINK was based off of a early picture. A Dag-air-o-type. I'm not sure how to spell it. It had a lot more similarities to the death mask!

Then we went to the Visitors Center.

Which Lindsey had a good time at!

So did Meghan!

Us. . .

Us outside the visitors center.

Lindsey in the car. . .

Meghan in the car. . .
On our way to Heaven! (Or close to it!)

However Grandpa would beg to differ. . .

Ok, so it's 11:00 at night and I am only halfway done with Day 1. So I will have to finish this one blog at a time. . . slowly. Coming up next time:
Day 1, part 2!