Monday, February 20, 2012

Disneyland is Magical!

I went to California for a choir tour, and this is what happened. (Sorry about the sideways pictures. Don't know how to change that.)
Me and my friends in the back of the bus.
 Me and McKenna
 California Screamin
 Me and McKenna

 The Army men
 Phineas and Ferb :)
 Tower of Terror!
Shay, Me, and Alyssa

The Castle!!!
In toontown, right before we went backstage.
Me and Anne.
 Anne and Tate.
 Me and Mckenna, as we head out to perform at a local middleschool.
 California Malls win.

 This is what happens when the group of boys that you're hanging out with want to go to payless.
 California weather also wins.
 Me and Alyssa.
 Also Mckenna.

 Saw this at the Cali University we were at. The slips at the bottom say: 
"I believe". I took one :)

 A cool accidental picture with Tate.
 SO awesome :)
 Gumbo at the Bayou!
Tate, me and Jessi.
Holding Hands Picture.
Space. The final frontier.

 I saw a crack in Time and Space in The Tower of Terror:)
Doctor Who is everywhere.
 Tower of terror again.
 I thought these were funny :)

 The "Dapper Dans" of Disneyland were fantastic!
 One of the bus tires blew out, (which was a scary experience for those on board I'm told)  So we got stranded in Baker, Nevada. Some played with Lightsabers. 
 Shay, Tate, and me :)