Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Poem by Me


When the life you want doesn't go as planned,
 And the fire inside you has been fanned,
When all you need is a helping hand,
The Rain still falls.

The load you carry may seem to great,
And the life you have, you may learn to hate,
You try to blame it all on Fate.
But the Rain still falls.

You cower under the pounding blow,
And the emptiness may always grow,
That's when your true colors show.
When the Rain still falls.

Learning fast to come on top,
Gaining strength with every drop,
Though it refuses to ever stop.
The Rain still falls.

Knowing now just what you need,
A shield above should do the deed,
But Rain has never made you bleed.
So the Rain still falls.

The "Pounding Blows" are nothing now,
You wipe them off and wonder how,
They'd meant so much with every vow,
When the Rain still falls.

Every person has a storm,
Drenching them in some way or form,
While they focus on staying warm.
The Rain still falls.

It may seem like yours is worse by far,
And that someone, somewhere, should lower the bar,
But you need the cloud to love the star.
So the Rain still falls.

The beating Rain is never wrong,
It's only here to make you strong,
To some it's short, to some it's long.
But the Rain still falls.

The Rain still falls.