Friday, March 18, 2011

Les Mis + Respect

I saw this on T.V. last night. Wow. I have gained so much respect for Nick Jonas. I thought he was another stupid Disney Pop Star who couldn't sing. I was wrong. When he sing for REAL, he's good.

Kudos to Nick for
  1. For trying out Broadway and losing you're Pop Voice.
  2. For sounding Amazing!
  3. For being brave and going against all of the Nay-sayers on the YouTube comments. 
  4. For gaining my respect.


Treble Clef ♪ said...


This is the cast that we saw in person last year in London! AWESOME. Sadly, even though we got to see Nick back stage after a performance, we missed his last performance by one day. Did you know he started out on Broadway as a child? He was in Lion King and another show. In fact that is how he (and subsequently his brothers) got discovered. I think he sang beautifully as Marius. (I loved the Eponine.)

Rain Coyote said...

I must admit, I had the same inhibitions about Mr. Jonas. In fact, I was actually glad that he had finished his run just before we were to see Les Miz in London (Coryn and Mom went to stalk him after a performance, I saw his hair over all the squealy girls).

Then our Marius ended up sounding like a goat. And when I saw Nick on this 25th anniversary, I was shocked at how he was actually good and it changed my view of him as well.

Caitlyn said...

He was SO great in this, like I had to watch his songs a couple (hundred) times or so...