Tuesday, December 28, 2010


           Lately, I've decided to carry around a quote book and write down all of the funny things I hear. I realized I just HAD to start one, because I find myself laughing 'till it hurts at least once a day. It hasn't been long, so I don't have many, but every time I get some good ones, I'm gonna paste them on my blog. But yes, I realize that a lot of them were only funny in the moment. So, here's a few! I wont put down any names because 1. You wont know them 2. Privacy issues...or something...

  1. "Can you imagine how dysfunctional society would be if everyone was like me!?!"
  2. "See? I contribute to society by hating the people that I hate!"
  3. "Be smart! And if you're not smart be safe! And if your not safe. . . name it after me!"
  4. "According to Darwinism, if I only hunt fast animals, eventually, I will grow rockets for feet."
  5. "So what if I have level 10 charisma?"
  6. "Friends are like potatoes. If you eat them, they die."
  7. "Hey, If we were crazy, we'd be holding knives."
  8. "I wish that every time I answered a question, you'd hear the sound of the death-star exploding."
  9. "I found the best Belgian Artist EVER! He tattoos Disney Princess's to the back of pigs!"
  10. -"We're eating dinner at the bishop's house tonight. . ."        -"What did you DO!?!"


Treble Clef ♪ said...

Court ALWAYS has her little notebook with her. She has written down some hilarious quotes over the years:)

Caitlyn said...

Hahhhahah these are great! Okay and I love that you have me as one of the artists listed on your iPod slideshow thing :)

Kennaboots said...

oh come on i'm not cool enough to be on your quotes! ps- be safe :P

Rain Coyote said...

My favorite is the potato one! These are hilarious!