Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poem By Me

So a few day's ago in English our prompt for our journal was, wait for it, anything. So I wrote this fun poem:

The Dragon and Knight

Lying in wait in the dark of the night,
the dragon was longing for someone to fight.
He was tired of sleeping and guarding his hoard,
If it must be said he was frankly quite bored!
It had been ages since the Knights used to come,
With visions of gold needed for their Kingdom!
He wanted a challenge!
He wanted to brawl!
He wanted a Knight, all cocky and tall,
But, alas, this was not to be, for one had not come in a century!
Then one time, in the night in the fall,
The dragon woke up when he heard a call.
"Hey dragon! You in there? Can it really be true?
I have long wanted to meet with you!"
The dragon perked up in the dim morning light,
A human had come! He now had a Knight!
"Yes I am here!" He said with a laugh,
"Have you finally come to test my wrath?"
"No, no!" said the Knight as he came into view,
"I would never want to fight with you!"
"Why not?" said the dragon, somewhat in a daze,
never before had he been this amazed!
The man only laughed and said with a grin:
"If I fought with you there's no way I could win!
I know you've been up here for ages on end,
I thought that maybe, you'd just like a friend."
The dragon was touched and felt no need to brawl,
So finally he said, "Well, yes, if that's all."
From that day on they were really a sight!
They were two best friends:The Dragon and Knight!

Michaela Labit


Camdoozer said...

Owoooo! Nice! I like it :D

Cassidy said...

alas, i did too.

Cookie Doe said...

Very clever-I like it I like it!

CoyoteLion said...

Michaela, that's brilliant! I think my favorite line was: "He wanted a challenge!He wanted to brawl!
He wanted a Knight, all cocky and tall."

This poem is so awesome, you are so talented! And it had a good theme to tie it up at the end, well done!

john paynter said...

Un-be-freakin-lievable!!!! You are a poet!!! Well done. Touche!!